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Meet Clustrix, the Team Behind the World’s Leading Scale-out SQL Database for High-transaction Workloads

Clustrix is delivering the world’s leading scale-out SQL database perfectly suited for high-transaction workloads that can run on premise and in the cloud.

Clustrix provides the leading scale-out relational database engineered for the cloud or data center. ClustrixDB is a drop-in MySQL replacement and an ideal solution for high-transaction, high-value OLTP applications typically found in businesses such as ad tech, e-commerce, gaming, and large web and mobile businesses.

When your application built on MySQL starts to hold your business back from getting to the next level due to the challenges of effectively scaling MySQL, that is when the Clustrix team steps in. We love MySQL and MySQL applications, but at a certain point you have to start considering sharding in order to scale out reads and writes, and that means redeveloping your application and revisiting your data architecture. We don't want you to have to do that — it's expensive, time consuming, and becomes a never-ending process. So we developed ClustrixDB so you can drop it in and start scaling horizontally with linear performance out of the gate. ClustrixDB a distributed database that we call a "scale-out database."  Our goal is to get your scalable application to market faster, with fewer headaches, and a lower TCO than any of the alternatives. Check us out.

Our customers use ClustrixDB for critical business applications that support massive transactional volume. Delivering more than twenty-five trillion transactions per month, our customers include AOL, Nielsen, Twoo.com, and Rakuten. Read our customer case studies.

Clustrix is headquarted in San Francisco. ClustrixDB is available in software that runs on commodity hardware and on any cloud.

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"ClustrixDB is a holy grail of sorts in database solutions. Its ability to scale out was something we couldn’t achieve with MySQL without enormous expense and technical challenges.”

– David Smith, CTO, Viverae

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"With ClustrixDB, we have not run into scaling issues anymore. As we need capacity, we just add nodes and see linear growth. We have seamlessly gone from a 3-node cluster to a 21-node cluster.”

–Nicolas Van Eenaeme, CIO of Twoo’s parent company Massive Media

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