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Customer Success Story: Hit Labs

Hit Labs Hit Labs is the creator of the ever-so-popular Bubble Group Messenger App. Free on iOS and Android devices, Bubble is a group messaging, group chat, and private group video app. Originally built on Amazon’s Aurora, Hit Labs discovered that scaling on Aurora would be a problem. Hit Labs had to make […]

Tech Talk Series, Part 4: High Availability

For high-value, high-throughput sites, downtime can cost hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Service architectures have baked lots of resiliency into apps, but databases and their system of record design are often vulnerable to single points of failure, bringing down entire systems. Worse still, when the database is recovered, […]

Tech Talk Series: Realities of Scaling MySQL in the Cloud, and Ways Around It

Tech Talk Series Realities of Scaling MySQL in the Cloud, and Ways Around It HITTING CAPACITY April 18th | 10am PDT Sharding Complications & Complexities May 2nd | 10am PDT Scaling Up & Down May 16th | 10am PDT High Availability June 1st | 10am PDT ClustrixDB #BetterSQL MySQL is […]

#OlderDBFail: If Amazon and Pokemon Aren’t Immune, No One Is

You don’t always have to choose between the scalability of NoSQL and the accuracy of MySQL High-value, high-transaction challenges aren’t just the domain of smaller players–some of the most resource-rich, technically advanced companies in the world have had problems, as evidenced recently by Amazon Prime Day, which was plagued with […]

Who Needs Clustrix?

Who needs Clustrix? More organizations than you might imagine. Your business that processes high-volume, high-value concurrent transactions may struggle without ClustrixDB. Does your company see large fluctuations in website traffic—periodic spikes in which thousands of visitors concurrently transact with your organization? Does your business depend on processing these transactions instantly […]