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Challenges of Sharding MySQL

MySQL databases are sharded for the best of reasons. At some point the MySQL workload needs to scale, and scaling RDBMSs is hard (Clustrix’s unofficial motto!). Adding read scale to RDBMSs is straightforward via replication. But adding write scale? That’s the real trick, and herein lies some of the challenges […]

Tech Talk Series, Part 3: Scaling Up & Down

Many web businesses enjoy a spike in traffic at some point in the year. Whether its Black Friday, the NFL draft day, or Mother’s Day, your app needs to be able to scale and capture customer value when it is most needed. Downtime is not an option. For the database, […]

Tech Talk Series, Part 1: Hitting Capacity

So your app is using MySQL as the backend, and you’ve hit a few performance hiccups. Maybe you’ve even hit straight up roadblocks. And right now you are wondering if you have hit the wall with capacity for MySQL and are asking yourself if it is time to do something […]

Tech Talk Series: Realities of Scaling MySQL in the Cloud, and Ways Around It

Tech Talk Series Realities of Scaling MySQL in the Cloud, and Ways Around It HITTING CAPACITY April 18th | 10am PDT Sharding Complications & Complexities May 2nd | 10am PDT Scaling Up & Down May 16th | 10am PDT High Availability June 1st | 10am PDT ClustrixDB #BetterSQL MySQL is […]

Google Spanner vs Amazon Aurora: Who’ll Get the Enterprise?

Google Spanner versus Amazon Aurora In July 2015, Amazon delivered Aurora, the AWS-only Enterprise RDBMS they’d been claiming since November 2014 would have “5x Enterprise performance at 1/5 the price.” Amazon was making a big play in the MySQL market—they’d recognized that there is a lot of demand for scaling […]