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Versus Aurora: Price

Exploring Aurora Price Comparisons for One Year ClustrixDB offers high-transaction, high-value database customers a lower total cost of ownership than Aurora. To get an accurate picture on long-term Aurora price, it is important to consider more than just the cost of the AWS instance versus the Clustrix instance and software […]

Versus Aurora: Scale

Aurora Scale Versus ClustrixDB Scale Matching the performance of a high-transaction, high-value workload to the right database is critical. Different database products use different techniques to increase performance, and different techniques can lead to extra work and extra cost for customers. Here, we’ll take a closer look at Clustrix scale […]

InfoWorld Review

 Featured Article Martin Heller, a contributing editor and reviewer for InfoWorld, reviewed our product – ClustrixDB. Read Heller’s review here where he gives ClustrixDB 5 out of 5 stars and calls Clustrix “a more scalable alternative to Amazon Aurora for people who need extremely high transactional performance.”  

clx versus aurora and google cloud sql

Clustrix Outscales Both Amazon Aurora and Google Cloud SQL

Third-party benchmarks highlight true “scale-out SQL” for high-transaction scenarios San Francisco, Calif. – Nov 10, 2016 – Clustrix, provider of the first scale-out database designed for the elastic scaling requirements of high-transaction, high-value workloads of today’s web applications, demonstrated that its flagship relational database management system (RDBMS) ClustrixDB outperformed both […]

Webinar: How to “Cyber Monday-proof” Your E-commerce Site

Clustrix to Reveal Pitfalls and Best Practices for Eliminating Failed Online Checkouts San Francisco, Calif. – Oct 31, 2016 – Black Friday/Cyber Monday is approaching and e-commerce companies are stocking their shelves, but even the best deals on the hottest products will fall flat if the customers can’t quickly complete […]