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The ClustrixDB Rebalancer: Keeping a Distributed Database Balanced

The ClustrixDB Rebalancer ClustrixDB is a single logical DBMS made up of many individual servers. These servers have matching hardware, and are equal peers within the cluster. Each server holds part of the relational dataset. Any of them can participate in (or initiate) a SQL query. To fully utilize the total […]

Spotlight on Three Differentiating Features of Clustrix

Clustrix Features Clustrix stands apart from other databases.  Our scale-out SQL relational database offers some key differences that stem from our distributed architecture and give us the flexibility to create features that don’t exist, or aren’t possible, with MySQL or other database architectures. Here are a few of the lesser-known […]

Key Differences Between Clustrix and MySQL

Clustrix vs. MySQL I’m Nick Lamb, and I’m a Support Engineer at Clustrix. I’ve been with Clustrix for over five years.  It’s been exciting and inspirational to watch our company grow in that time, but even more exciting to help and watch our customers accomplish great things using Clustrix as […]