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Optimizing Interrupt Handling on an AWS Cluster

Background on ClustrixDB Interrupt Handling I recently took a hard look at how to configure interrupt handling on a cluster for optimal performance for our shared-nothing RDBMS, ClustrixDB. One of the performance characteristics of our ClustrixDB engine is a relatively high interrupt rate on our processors due to high-volume message […]

Getting in Touch with Ruby on Rails Developers at RubyConf 2012

  As an applications engineer, I work to understand the challenges that our customers face integrating Clustrix into their environments. Really seeing things from a customer’s point of view involves keeping in touch with the developer ecosystems evolving around various application languages and frameworks. Since many Clustrix customers operate Ruby […]

Percona Evaluates Clustrix and MySQL

Percona ran a Percona-written TPCC benchmark against Percona’s MySQL Server on an Intel- SSD based machine, Percona MySQL Server on a FusionIO based machine, and a variety of different sizes of Clustrix’s database clusters running Clustrix’s Sierra relational database. The results show that Clustrix: Scales linearly from 3 to 9 […]

Profile Driven Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization Recently, one of our support engineers noticed that a customer cluster got a little sluggish during a routine maintenance operation. In looking back at historical data, we noticed that the cluster saw a decrease in transaction throughput. The system should have done its cleanup in the background at […]