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Got High-Value, High-Transaction Workloads on AWS? Read This Report by ESG.

Have high-transaction workloads? See the test results that prove Clustrix is the right database for you. We recently put ClustrixDB performance to the test by performing a benchmark against two other SQL databases. ClustrixDB beat the two SQL databases owned and operated by the industry-leading cloud vendors in transactions per […]

Clustrix 5.0 Performance Benchmark and Analysis

  Announcing our newest release, Clustrix 5.0. Clustrix 5.0 is for data-driven businesses that require blazingly fast real-time analytics on operational data. Clustrix 5.0 is a row-based SQL database designed to bring Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) to analytic queries on operational data. The same near-linear scalability Clustrix has previously brought […]