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ClustrixDB Simplifies Transition from MySQL to a Fully Distributed Database for Fast Growing E-Commerce Sites

Fast Growing E-Commerce Sites Get Distributed Database ClustrixDB MySQL Plug-and-Play Compatibility Presents an Affordable Alternative to Replatforming SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Oct 2, 2014 – Clustrix today announced that its latest version of ClustrixDB, the first scale-out database designed to meet the needs of fast growing e-commerce sites, is plug-and-play […]

Why I Joined Clustrix

  I recently joined Clustrix as vice president of engineering after more than 25 years in databases and information management. Throughout my career I have focused on innovations in parallel database technology and analytics—primarily in building business-critical products for the enterprise—and ClustrixDB is no exception. Here’s why… I Believe in […]

What Does it Mean to Say Clustrix is “MySQL Compatible?”

How is Clustrix MySQL Compatible? I’m Christine, and I’m a program manager at Clustrix. In my job, I’m constantly explaining what Clustrix does, and in doing so, I’ve found myself using the metaphor that “Clustrix is like MySQL on steroids.” What that means is that Clustrix is MySQL compatible — […]

Scaling Distributed Joins

Distributed Joins A frequent question we get about Clustrix involves our ability to efficiently evaluate distributed joins. We face quite a bit of skepticism when we make the claim that we can scale joins in our system. And people are right to be incredulous: many other systems claiming to be […]