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E-commerce Database

ClustrixDB provides the high-speed transactionality and interaction data needed in today’s e-commerce database. E-commerce represents the Promise of the Web. Visitors find your site, and money exchanges hands. You need targeted campaigns to help them find you, and that requires real-time analytics. Even more importantly, successful e-commerce sites load quickly, […]

Cyber Monday Tests Limits of Old-School Databases

In the Bill Murray film Groundhog Day, we see a man trapped in the nightmare of the same scenario repeating endless times. At first he fights against it, then he decides to go along with it, and finally despair kicks in. Only until he approaches the problem in an entirely […]

Holiday Shopping . . . Are You Prepared? More Importantly, is Your Database?

During this year’s holiday shopping season craziness, I thought it would be a good time to share some experiences we’ve had with our e-commerce customers—experiences that show why they chose to invest in ClustrixDB product licenses and why they’ve expanded their implementations multiple times. While modern e-commerce sites use a […]