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How ClustrixDB Accomplishes Horizontal Scaling of Both Writes & Reads Without Sharding

When people come up and ask, “Oh, so ClustrixDB is yet another MySQL-compatible database. What makes you different?” we have a terrific answer, and it’s all about horizontal scaling: ClustrixDB is the only MySQL compatible database that linearly scales-out both write and read queries. By horizontal scaling we mean each […]

MySQL Sharding DevOps Challenges

MySQL Sharding DevOps Challenges: Data Maintenance, Infrastructure, & HA Previously we’ve discussed application and design challenges for MySQL sharding, and some of the corresponding business challenges that can result, affecting your business flexibility. But what about MySQL sharding DevOps challenges? For reference, here’s a quick précis about MySQL sharding: MySQL […]

The Legacy Database is Dead

What killed the legacy database?  The combined forces of Big Data, cloud, and agile / devops have revealed the fatal flaws in legacy RDBMS. Big Data breaks legacy RDBMS:  Beyond the hype of analytics, there is a huge wave of new Big Data apps (global web, mobile, social, machine data, […]

Clustrix dev node is now available on EC2 as an Amazon Machine Image

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to select Clustrix as your Amazon Machine Image: When choosing an ami you can either use the ami-a669cacf or search for clustrix:   Keep in mind that each clustrix node requires 1.5GB RAM and this image boots with 3 nodes on the same host […]