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Database Administration

Database Administration is Easy with ClustrixDB ClustrixDB Database Administration Database administration has many moving parts: performance monitoring, database or mysql administration, tracking transactions per second, optimizing query performance and much more.   ClustrixDB’s browser-based web UI makes database administration easier. The ClustrixDB database administration UI provides a user-friendly view into […]

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Does ClustrixDB use MySQL Replication Between its Nodes?

Here’s a common question we get asked at tradeshows, on customer calls, by analysts, and by our fellow devs and DBAs in the industry. Since this has come up a lot, let’s answer it in detail! TL;DR: ClustrixDB does not use MySQL Replication between nodes ClustrixDB is a true shared-nothing […]

Cyber Monday Tests Limits of Old-School Databases

In the Bill Murray film Groundhog Day, we see a man trapped in the nightmare of the same scenario repeating endless times. At first he fights against it, then he decides to go along with it, and finally despair kicks in. Only until he approaches the problem in an entirely […]