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Tech Talk Series, Part 3: Scaling Up & Down

Many web businesses enjoy a spike in traffic at some point in the year. Whether its Black Friday, the NFL draft day, or Mother’s Day, your app needs to be able to scale and capture customer value when it is most needed. Downtime is not an option. For the database, […]

Tech Talk Series, Part 1: Hitting Capacity

So your app is using MySQL as the backend, and you’ve hit a few performance hiccups. Maybe you’ve even hit straight up roadblocks. And right now you are wondering if you have hit the wall with capacity for MySQL and are asking yourself if it is time to do something […]

Google Spanner: The Good and the Better

Google’s Impressive New Tech: Cloud Spanner Google just announced their Beta Cloud Spanner, a “horizontally scalable, globally consistent, relational database service.” This impressive hosted technology addresses a long-standing market request: “How can we make our SQL databases scale both writes and reads past a single server?” This is the very […]

Clustrix 2016 Predictions: Scaling to Accommodate Growing Data Volume and Speed

  January 5, 2016 | VMBlog In the ‘old days’, running a successful database operation was all about being up, and being fast. Today, it’s not only about speed–more importantly, it’s about accommodating fluctuating data volume, especially on mobile devices. In 2016, we will continue to see the move of […]

(Trying to) Get Under the Hood of AWS’s New Aurora

Amazon’s Aurora Announcement Last week, Amazon announced Aurora with many interesting features promised. Let’s drill into the details a bit, and explore the ramifications. Architecture: Aurora’s overall design leverages a single write master, read-slave fanout architecture. Okay, sounds like MySQL—reads are scalable. Amazon has also written a lot about Aurora’s […]