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The ClustrixDB Query Evaluation Model

Query Evaluation Model Recently we’ve started to dig into the internals of ClustrixDB, specifically How ClustrixDB Accomplishes Horizontal Scaling of Both Writes & Reads Without Sharding. Next, we dug into the details of the multi-patented ClustrixDB Rebalancer. This time we will discuss the ClustrixDB Query Evaluation Model. ClustrixDB is a […]

How ClustrixDB Accomplishes Horizontal Scaling of Both Writes & Reads Without Sharding

When people come up and ask, “Oh, so ClustrixDB is yet another MySQL-compatible database. What makes you different?” we have a terrific answer, and it’s all about horizontal scaling: ClustrixDB is the only MySQL compatible database that linearly scales-out both write and read queries. By horizontal scaling we mean each […]

Does ClustrixDB use MySQL Replication Between its Nodes?

Here’s a common question we get asked at tradeshows, on customer calls, by analysts, and by our fellow devs and DBAs in the industry. Since this has come up a lot, let’s answer it in detail! TL;DR: ClustrixDB does not use MySQL Replication between nodes ClustrixDB is a true shared-nothing […]

History & Evolution

The Need for a Scale-out Database After starting Isilon, Paul Mikesell knew there was a huge need for scale-out infrastructure. With his experience as a programmer, Paul knew that the next problem he wanted to solve for was a scale-out database. At this same time, Sergei Tsarev had built a […]


The Challenge You’ve Been Waiting for… Are you a natural problem solver? Are you highly motivated and looking to take your career in a new and exciting direction? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. What we’re working on here at Clustrix is a bit different from what […]