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Ad Tech Database: ClustrixDB | Clustrix Use Cases

Ad Tech is Competitive — It Needs a Competitive Database Ad Tech is all about data, response times and analytics.  You need to buy faster, sell faster, deliver the ads quicker and gather a whole lot of data so you can see the trends. Your Ad Tech service, software and tools […]

SaaS Database: ClustrixDB | Clustrix Use Cases

Don’t Let Your Database Hold Back Your SaaS Business The growth of IT spending on SaaS is growing significantly faster than the software market as a whole and SaaS is becoming a significant growth driver to all functional software markets. Yet for every SaaS application that succeeds, there are many […]

Gaming Database: ClustrixDB | Clustrix Use Cases

Be Prepared for the Ups and Downs of the Game Lifecycle The market for gaming is growing but so is the competition. A game needs to engage your players and create an environment that encourages them to continue playing and come back for more. This requires millisecond response time and […]

Social Database: ClustrixDB | Clustrix Use Cases

Compete for Your Social Community with Confidence While social media adoption growth may be plateauing, it’s place in the everyday life of many individuals is not. The challenge for any social platform is competing for users with the likes of Facebook, QQ, WeChat, Twitter and Instagram without the same deep […]

E-commerce Database: ClustrixDB | Clustrix Use Cases

Profitably Attracting, Converting and Retaining E-commerce Customers is the Goal Today’s customers love shopping online, and if you have the right product and solution offerings, the growth potential of your e-commerce business is huge. The biggest competitive advantage you have, as more and more entrepreneurs move towards online sales, is […]