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Customer Success Story: Hit Labs

Hit Labs Hit Labs is the creator of the ever-so-popular Bubble Group Messenger App. Free on iOS and Android devices, Bubble is a group messaging, group chat, and private group video app. Originally built on Amazon’s Aurora, Hit Labs discovered that scaling on Aurora would be a problem. Hit Labs had to make […]

Customer Success Story: ShortStack

ShortStack ShortStack is a cutting edge SaaS platform for Facebook that helps individuals and organizations publish rich and engaging Facebook apps, allowing anyone to run contests, promotions, sweepstakes, and more. Critical to the application’s success is the database. With ClustrixDB, ShortStack could grow without downtime, simply by adding nodes. Also, […]

Customer Success Story: Viverae

Viverae Viverae gains effortless horizontal scale for high volume SaaS application with database leader ClustrixDB™. Dallas-based Viverae® is a workplace wellness program provider and an industry thought leader. Their comprehensive health management solutions help employers build healthy cultures and manage healthcare costs. Viverae’s configurable programs manage engagement and incentives with […]

Customer Success Story: Twoo

Twoo.com With over 30 million users, Twoo.com is Europe’s leading social discovery site. Twoo runs the world’s largest scale-out SQL deployment, with 4.4 billion transactions a day—without a full-time DBA. ClustrixDB™ has seamlessly supported the exponential growth in Twoo users and new application features, expanding from 24 to 168 cores […]