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Versus Aurora: Price

Exploring Aurora Price Comparisons for One Year ClustrixDB offers high-transaction, high-value database customers a lower total cost of ownership than Aurora. To get an accurate picture on long-term Aurora price, it is important to consider more than just the cost of the AWS instance versus the Clustrix instance and software […]

Versus Aurora: Performance

Clustrix Delivers Up to 10x Aurora Performance More performance is better and the right kind of performance is always best. ClustrixDB can deliver 2x, 5x, even 10x Aurora performance, at much lower latencies—without complicated read slaves or sharding. This means that ClustrixDB can process more e-commerce check-outs, or ingest more […]

Versus Aurora

ClustrixDB Outscales and Outperforms Aurora Many companies using MySQL were very interested in Amazon’s announcement in 2015 of Aurora to help overcome scaling issues. Amazon’s new MySQL-compatible RDS offering promises “5x the performance” and “1/10 the cost.” A welcome reprieve from the thought of sharding MySQL, Aurora promises more ‘scale’ […]