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Compete for Your Social Community with Confidence

While social media adoption growth may be plateauing, it's place in the everyday life of many individuals is not. The challenge for any social platform is competing for users with the likes of Facebook, QQ, WeChat, Twitter and Instagram without the same deep pockets and resources. And that means you need quick response times and minimal latency to keep new users engaged and coming back.

Social Adoption is About the App and User Experience

Gaining adoption in the competitive world of social media is not easy. Well-established players have large teams, unlimited financial resources, and name recognition. For your app to be successful, you will need to differentiate, innovate and focus on user acquisition. Once the customers are there, you will need to deliver the best possible user experience.

Social media users expect quick response time, real-time refreshes of content, easy connection and collaboration with their peers, mobile optimization, and knowing their data is secure. There are a lot of moving parts to meet those expectations.


Competing for social users necessitates:

  • Quick time-to-market of new features and functionality
  • Responsiveness and quick load times
  • Simple user experience 
  • Unrestrained access to data and content
  • Flexible and scalable infrastructure
  • Reliable retention of user data and interaction histories


Social Database Requirements

Most social apps start with MySQL as their database, because it is functional and has huge adoption.  But let's assume that your site takes off and you have to scale quickly. Unless you have unlimited financial resources, you have two options.  One, you can focus on adding new features and streamlining the UI to retain those users. Two you hire a large database administration team to shard the MySQL database and redirect your app developers to rewrite the app for sharding. Your database should not be forcing you to make the latter choice.

Base Social Database Features

  • Backup and Recovery
  • Monitoring/Auditing/Alerting
  • General Operability
  • Excellent support for triaging and turning around bugs

Social Database Requirements When Success is Achieved

  • Scalability on a dime when volumes peak
  • Performance that delivers excellent response times, like 95% of simple reads under 1 second and 99% of simple writes under 2
  • Fault tolerance that can sustain the worst of failures

The Social Database Solution

Successful social apps need a distributed database that scales on demand, without having to redesign the database or rewrite the code. It needs to be responsive, deliver an excellent user experience and maintain uptime in the worst of conditions.

Businesses competing for social users need to focus on enhancing their app and staying one step ahead of the competition — not building out large database administration teams and rewriting application code that is already in production.

  • Backup, recovery and restore with a speed that far exceeds the capabilities of MySQL
  • Self-management that gives you good feedback on what is going on but automatically rebalances itself when needed
  • Linear scalability of reads and writes with the click of a button
  • Fast time-to-market of new features
  • Strong buffer cache when a lot of people are looking at the same content
  • Distributed data with nodes that stay in a synchronous state


ClustrixDB Removes the Limits for a Social Database

ClustrixDB is a drop-in MySQL replacement that manages itself and gives you the uptime requirements to meet the expectations of your social users, members or followers. It handles hundreds of thousands of transactions per second and more, so users can create and exchange information without restriction.  ClustrixDB handles an unlimited amount of concurrent users while not compromising performance.  ClustrixDB does all this without the time and cost of sharding, replication, database redesign or application changes.


ui database administration


ClustrixDB manages itself, so no need to hire a large database administration team. ClustrixDB automatically distributes tables and indexes across nodes. Each SQL query is pre-parsed, and compiled query fragments are automatically distributed directly to the right nodes. When storage is full, hotspots are automatically handled by reslicing and redistributing data. Database admin has never been easier.

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High Availability

With ClustrixDB, your social database cluster is fault tolerant up to any number of nodes with the simple setting of a parameter. ClustrixDB will optimize the database setup and data distribution to accommodate a catastrophic failure of a set number of nodes, and if a failure of that magnitude occurs, will handle and replace the failed nodes without ever taking your social app offline.

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High Performance

Social apps are intended to generate a lot of users and keep them engaged. The more users, the more transactions. With ClustrixDB's ability to scale writes, you can get 10x the maximum performance of Aurora (or MySQL) without read slaves, sharding, or modifying your app. ClustrixDB regularly delivers well over a million TPS — that's the kind of performance a social database needs.

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Superb Scalability

Every social post can generate a massive number of writes to get that post to all the intended followers. ClustrixDB scales-out writes, as well as reads, so your followers get the instant information and feedback they expect. You can add nodes with a click or two. While other databases hit a wall for adding nodes, Clustrix delivers unlimited linear scalability to keep your social members engaged.

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