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scale-out database

MySQL-compatible, Scale-out Database for High-value Applications with High-transaction Workloads

ClustrixDB: Scalability and Performance

Scale-out database ClustrixDB is a drop-in MySQL replacement built from the ground up to deliver true scalability and performance. Bypass complex replication and sharding techniques and move to the relational database for high-transaction workloads that scales in a near linear fashion — allowing it to handle workloads more than 10x faster than those running on MySQL or AWS Aurora. ClustrixDB is used today in an array of industries — including e-commerce, gaming, mobile, IoT, social and ad tech — for applications that support massive transactional volumes and concurrent users.

Distributed Architecture

ClustrixDB’s distributed architecture presents your application with a single-instance relational database that is made up of a cluster of commodity nodes. By simply adding or subtracting nodes to and from the cluster, you can easily flex out to meet extraordinary demand and flex in to save money. ClustrixDB is also the only ACID-compliant, scale-out database built for OLTP. A better option than MySQL scaling and offering an improvement to MySQL performance, ClustrixDB is highly available and self-managing.

Performance Optimization

The latest version combines in-memory processing and containerization to improve performance (up to 300% for some use-cases) and ease-of-use. And making it easy to manage, ClustrixDB provides a visual summary of your database cluster, allowing DBAs to quickly review key performance metrics including transactions per seconds, CPU utilization, and both read and write latency.  High-level and drill-down metrics help DBAs quickly diagnose and resolve any performance issues.

Almost half of all consumers now expect a web page to load in two seconds or less, and 27 percent of cart abandonment occurs due to time constraints.  These high expectations, coupled with high-transaction, high-value workloads, are placing unprecedented demands on MySQL and other databases.

  • Better database performance
  • No application rewrite
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Self-managing operations
  • Ease of administration with GUI
  • Designed to run in the cloud or on premise


ClustrixDB is designed to be a MySQL replacement, while making it easy to scale without MySQL sharding. ClustrixDB delivers performance improvements on the scale of 10x that of MySQL. 


Designed for high-value, high transaction workloads with low-latency, a shared-nothing disk architecture, automatic data distribution across servers, and automatic parallelization of queries to scale-out SQL.


Elastic scalability so you can flex your deployment up for peak or seasonal workloads or down to save on costs.  It is as easy as a few clicks, making you a hero to the DevOps budget owners.


ClustrixDB's nResiliency feature is the first in the market to offer complete confidence that your valuable data is safe and continuously available should two or even more nodes fail at the same time.


The presence of four components — atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability — can ensure that database transactions are completed with ACID compliance across all nodes in a cluster.


Self-managing, automated recovery within a cluster, asynchronous replication across geographies, and fast parallel back-ups for enterprise-grade, fault tolerant and resilient cloud applications.


A distributed multi-node, relational scale-out database designed for OLTP apps — on-premise or in the cloud — with high-value, high-transaction workloads.  


ClustrixDB’s browser-based web UI makes database administrators’ lives much easier, providing a user-friendly view into current demands on the database.


ClustrixDB is a high-performance database that runs faster on AWS on large workloads, and is capable of 10x or more the performance of Aurora. 

The Next Generation Scale-out Database

ClustrixDB is an OLTP relational database that delivers true scale-out performance. ClustrixDB's OLTP scale-out database has built-in self-management and high availability. This relational database reduces operational and ownership costs while ensuring the performance you need. It is a high performance alternative to MySQL scaling, and offers nearly ten times MySQL performance.

Using Replication or Sharding for MySQL Scaling is Old School

With these old school approaches, you have to deal with added risks and costs. With both replication and sharding you’re dealing with manually managing data inconsistencies like slave lag. Plus with sharding, you have to deal with even more issues of complexity and fragility. There’s the complicated set-up and ongoing maintenance of manually adding/splitting shards as your data grows, and then having to change the application to point to where the data lies, not to mention the fragility brought about by application downtime for server maintenance, security patches, or worse – unplanned failures without automatic recovery.  These all translate to higher costs due to additional hardware required (double to quadruple!), manpower, and time to manage complexity, lost opportunity from application downtimes, and added business risk – without the guarantee of improved MySQL scaling or MySQL performance.

ClustrixDB is the only scale-out database that offers ACID compliance, high availability, and self-management, while reducing operational costs and ensuring mission-critical databases remain online.

ACID Compliant, OLTP Scale-out Database for any Cloud or On-premise Deployment



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