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Don't Let Your Database Hold Back Your SaaS Business

The growth of IT spending on SaaS is growing significantly faster than the software market as a whole and SaaS is becoming a significant growth driver to all functional software markets. Yet for every SaaS application that succeeds, there are many that fail. The key to SaaS success is to focus on innovation, user acquisition, staying ahead of the competition and above all, the user experience. Worrying about infrastructure just gets in the way.

SaaS is about the Application and User Experience

The promise of SaaS, is that SaaS companies can better understand their users and and produce better user experiences at lower costs. It allows the continual release of new functionality and features to stay competitive.

On the other hand, SaaS delivery requires SaaS companies to build and manage a computing infrastructure that can scale easily and predictably to handle rapid growth. This infrastructure is essential to maintaining low costs as well as keeping users happy and innovating on features.


The Priorities of a SaaS Business

  • The application itself
  • Features and functionality
  • User experience
  • Customer acquisition and retention
  • Scalability and reliability


SaaS Database Requirements

SaaS companies store data for numerous users, as their user base and features grow, this data will increase quickly. As company growth accelerates, the infrastructure and code changes required to deal with the extra load can slow down the speed of feature development and impair market competitiveness.

A database's inability to scale easily and the database administration and application redesign that comes along with that can pose a significant roadblock for growing and sustaining a SaaS business. Many SaaS applications are able to successfully kick-start delivery and customer acquisition with MySQL as their database. However, when their user base reaches a certain level, they find themselves needing to shard their database, rewrite their application, and expand their database administration team.

SaaS applications need a database that offers:

  • Fast time-to-market
  • Minimal administration
  • High availability
  • Hosting data for multiple customers
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Low costs

The SaaS Database Solution

SaaS applications need a distributed database that scales on demand, without having to redesign the database or rewrite the application code. It needs to process transactions with integrity, handle contested transactions, deliver an excellent user experience and maintain uptime in the worst of conditions.

A SaaS database needs to free engineering to focus on innovation, enhancing their application and staying one step ahead of the competition — not building out large database administration teams.  A SaaS database should manage itself, scale easily and put the operations team at ease with:

  • Performance that handles 100,000s of transactions a second
  • Quick time-to-market as a drop-in MySQL replacement
  • Automatic high availability and configurable fault tolerance
  • Unlimited scalability that adds nodes with a click of a button
  • Easy administration with no additional DBAs required
  • ACID compliance for transactional synchronization and integrity

ClustrixDB is a Scalable SaaS database without Sharding, Replication or Application Rewrites

ClustrixDB is a drop-in MySQL replacement that handles the heavy query and uptime requirements of software-as-a-service providers. At hundreds of thousands of transactions per second, incoming customer interactions are handled smoothly. ClustrixDB is a distributed, OLTP database for high-volume, high-value workloads. For applications being held back by MySQL, ClustrixDB delivers fast-time-to-market, linear scalability, and easy administration — without the time and cost of database and application redesigns.

ui database administration

Easy Administration

ClustrixDB lets you put your technical resources towards development, not database administration. ClustrixDB manages itself, automatically distributing tables and indexes across nodes for you. Each SQL query is pre-parsed, and compiled query fragments are automatically distributed directly to the right node(s). When storage is full, hotspots are automatically handled by reslicing and redistributing the data.

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High Availability

With ClustrixDB, you get automatic and transparent high-availability. ClustrixDB automatically ensures there are at least two copies of your data, even with a node failure, and generates the number of replicas needed to recover even from a multi-node failure. Data locality is transparent and optimized for developers without application changes. Your SaaS application will never have to be taken off-line due to database reasons.

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ACID Compliance

Even though ClustrixDB is distributed, your SaaS application gets the advantages of SQL syntax with those of a RDBMS such as foreign keys and triggers to assure data integrity — without developer intervention. CustrixDB guarantees transactionality, ensuring resources are not over-allocated between competing customers. As an ACID compliant database, ClustrixDB provides easy and consistent backups.

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Superb Scalability

ClustrixDB presents your SaaS application with a single-instance relational database made up of a cluster of commodity nodes. It scales reads and writes in a near linear fashion — allowing it to handle workloads more than 10x faster than those running on MySQL or AWS Aurora. By simply adding or subtracting nodes to and from the cluster, you can easily flex out to meet extraordinary demand and flex in to save money.

"ClustrixDB is a holy grail of sorts in database solutions. Its ability to scale out was something we couldn’t achieve with MySQL without enormous expense and technical challenges.”

– David Smith, Chief Technology Officer, Viverae

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