Scalable SQL Database for AWS: High Value, High Transaction Workloads with ClustrixDB

 ESG Lab Video

Enterprise Strategy Group ( prepared this 5-minute video summary of the performance benchmark of ClustrixDB to two other cloud databases owned by an industry-leading cloud vendor running on AWS. The video summary and corresponding benchmark shows that ClustrixDB offers true scale-out performance advantages over the leading MySQL compatible databases and is capable of up to 10x the performance through the simple process of expanding the size of the database cluster in AWS.

This ESG Lab Review documents the high levels of transactional performance achievable when leveraging Clustrix’s next-generation, scale-out SQL database on Amazon AWS. Based on the analysis, ESG Lab concluded that for organizations planning to leverage AWS to service their high-value, transactional database workloads where performance is of the utmost importance, ClustrixDB meets all the requirements.