Everything You Need to Know About Scaling MySQL

mysql scaling challenges ebook

A Guide to MySQL Scaling Challenges

 ClustrixDB eBook

MySQL’s ability to scale has significant challenges, especially as your application grows. Many, many businesses, from start-ups to enterprises, use MySQL for their application at first because it’s “open source” (i.e., free) or because it was “already installed” on their cloud instance. And MySQL worked pretty well at first, and then, as their application grew, it required occasional migrations to larger servers (called “scaling up”). But once they had deployed the biggest instance they could, further scaling became difficult.

In this eBook, we will address the following questions:

  • What kinds of difficulties will you encounter in a high-value, high-volume MySQL application environment? Write scale isn’t the only potential challenge of MySQL-backed applications. They also need high availability (HA), and elasticity.
  • What can you do once your MySQL database reaches its limit? We’ll share more details on the scaling options available.
  • How do Facebook and Google deal with MySQL? How did the “smartest people in the room” handle MySQL’s scale challenges?
  • How easy is it to support MySQL, anyway? Or, in other words, how free is “free.”
  • What about Aurora? Does it “fix” any of MySQL’s difficulties? Amazon’s MySQL compatible database provides many enterprise-level features, but still has challenges scaling.


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