Customer Success Story: Ladders

the ladders case study


Before finding Clustrix, Ladders had been searching for over a year for a scalable database solution. Their main motivators for the search were scalability, fault-tolerance, and a recognition that having to shard would be very time consuming and expensive. Ladders was looking for a solution that would allow them to be ready for unpredictable growth. They wanted their database to be simple, maintainable, and scalable beyond one machine, and they also wanted developers to focus on adding value to their product, rather than working on a database layer.

By choosing ClustrixDB, Ladders eliminated several problems: 1) the need to shard data, 2) master database single point of failure, 3) a single box memory limit, and 4) write bottlenecks (including single-threaded MySQL replication).

ClustrixDB enabled flexible topologies with other MySQL wire-line compatible databases, supporting multiple replication sources/targets. They were able to reduce overall development costs by increased time spent implementing higher value-added end-user functionality rather than fixing database bottlenecks.

The primary motivation for choosing ClustrixDB was scalability, fault tolerance and online schema changes. 

We had an unwillingness to shard, unwillingness to replace our code base with something more. . . . Nobody wants to shard. People have made investments in their codebase. Why would they want to throw that away?”

- Dmitri Mikhailov, Principal Database Architect, Ladders