Customer Success Story: Photobox

photobox case study


Photobox is Europe’s leading online photo service, boasting over 11 million members and nearly 200 million photo prints and more awards than any other online photo printing website.

When Photobox first approached Clustrix they had been experiencing continual high growth over the first eleven years of their business existence. They’ve always been reliant on MySQL as the core database engine of their website operations. Photobox realized that they were going to reach the limits of what a conventional MySQL master/slave replication chain could give them in terms of performance and reliability.

With ClustrixDB, Photobox has been able to build a database tier that is fully fault tolerant. Any drive, node, or switch can fail and the site can remain online with no interruption. All data is maintained at multiple sites to handle a complete site failure. This, combined with Photobox’s careful planning throughout their infrastructure, makes a very robust site that drives their business.

"Over the last year we’ve seen significantly better performance and our December service incidents were reduced by 89% year-on-year.”

- Graham Hobson, CTO, Photobox