Customer Success Story: iOffer

ioffer case study


iOffer went in search of a system that would solve their performance issues. iOffer’s lead engineer had predicted that the need to shard would arise not too far in the future, but wanted to avoid this at all costs. After searching for an answer, iOffer was able to find ClustrixDB. The ClustrixDB deployment is considerably simpler. The cluster is self-healing and self-managing. There is no need for complex application logic to deal with read versus write databases.

With the ClustrixDB cluster there is no single point of failure, and the nodes are all peers for one another and act as a team to ensure cluster uptime and consistency. If a node fails, the cluster will route around it. And best of all, there is no need for sharding to achieve scale!

As a strategy to move to their next level of scale, iOffer was considering sharding strategies, even though it would place more burden on the application developers to maintain the relational information across the shards. Resharding when systems reach capacity is extremely labor intensive.

iOffer also needed to be able to capture information about site usage. These longer, more intensive queries used to have to be farmed off to a separate MySQL slave which had to be independently managed. This type of application complexity is the unfortunate result of the lack of true scalability in a MySQL replication environment.

"Part of the reason we purchased the Clustrix solution was the fact that Clustrix is MySQL compatible, and does not require changes to existing architecture, database schemas
or applications.”

- Robert Zotter, Lead Engineer, iOffer