Customer Success Story: Hit Labs


Hit Labs

Hit Labs is the creator of the ever-so-popular Bubble Group Messenger App. Free on iOS and Android devices, Bubble is a group messaging, group chat, and private group video app. Originally built on Amazon's Aurora, Hit Labs discovered that scaling on Aurora would be a problem. Hit Labs had to make a decision to either hire a DBA team to build out a database infrastructure that could support their rapid user growth or “hire” an existing technology. Hit Labs decided ClustrixDB would get them to market faster at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than the other guys.

Hit Labs is currently in production with ClustrixDB on AWS. With ClustrixDB, Hit Labs realized they could save six to eight months of development time for the cost of hiring a DBA. Because ClustrixDB is a distributed database designed to handle high-volume workloads with self-managing administration, they could scale-out on-demand with minimal or no DBA intervention.

“My big question was how does ClustrixDB compare to hiring a DBA. The cost was comparable, but we could get our new features to market faster without the associated opportunity costs of postponing the features. There are always risks when hiring a new person. We had a top-notch team that worked well together, why risk bringing someone else in? In this case, I much prefer to hire a technology than a person.”

                                        -  Zach Mangum, CEO and Co-founder, Hit Labs