Beyond ETL: How to Manage 5X More Data on Every Bid

Clustrix Whitepaper Clustrix White Paper

The ability to effectively target consumers and optimize the performance of a single ad or entire campaign in real time is the primary goal of every digital advertising company. To meet this goal, advertisers need more than simple performance metrics. They have to analyze massive volumes of data, generate reports, and gain detailed insight to continuously refine advertising strategies—all in real time. To stay competitive in the fast-paced digital advertising industry, companies must provide a massively scalable, feature-rich, and high-performance platform to attract and retain customers. However, most analytics platforms are built on databases that simply can’t scale to support detailed analytics or advanced feature sets, which can significantly hinder innovation and customer success.

This white paper explains how digital advertisers can address these critical advertising technology challenges using ClustrixDB and build innovative applications that deliver real-time analytics on live operational data while supporting massive transaction volumes. By leveraging a combination of intelligent data distribution and distributed query processing across commodity hardware, ClustrixDB makes it easy to scale as the database workload grows.