Scale-out SQL Database Leader Clustrix Partners with NISSHO Electronics

NISSHO customer implements Clustrix and gains database management TCO cost reduction of 90%

SAN FRANCISCO, CA and TOKYO, JAPAN – Jul 22, 2013 – Clustrix, the leading scale-out SQL database engineered for the cloud, and NISSHO ELECTRONICS, the leading distributor and system integrator of IT, today announced a new partnership to bring the Clustrix database to key segments of the Japanese market. NISSHO’s deep experience introducing innovative technology into the Japanese market will enable companies to leverage the Clustrix database to build the next generation of high-scale applications.

“Clustrix’s unique ability to perform high-scale transactions and real-time analytics on a scale-out database is a key differentiator for business in segments such as e-commerce, gaming and Internet services,” said Robin Purohit, CEO of Clustrix. “Together, NISSHO and Clustrix are well-positioned to take the lead in these high-growth Japanese market segments.”

Added Toshiaki Kibe, Managing Executive Officer, General Manager of Marketing Division & Engineering Division with NISSHO ELECTRONICS, “We are pleased to be able to add Clustrix’s innovative scale-out SQL database solution to our product portfolio. We have introduced Clustrix to the Japanese market promptly, and are providing the platform with the competitiveness by solving the problem of the customers.”

Clustrix is a distributed SQL relational database that enables high-scale transaction throughput, real-time analytics and simplified operations. Clustrix has been serving production workloads since 2008 and powers dozens of large-scale production customers around the world. The largest Clustrix customers have datasets with billions of rows, multiple terabytes of data, and transactional workloads approaching 100,000 TPS in production.

Rakuten, a Japan-based an international shipping services company that provides more than 40 services, 120,000 contracted firms and 80 million registered products, adopted Clustrix last year to dramatically reduce database management spending. “By consolidating our MySQL databases onto a private cloud database-as-a-service powered by Clustrix, we’ve gained performance and scale for our applications and simplified operations,” said Ryutaro Yada, Database Platform Development Group Manager at Rakuten. “We expect to see a total cost of ownership reduction of almost 90%.”



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