Photobox Focuses on Growth Opportunities Following Clustrix Adoption

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Aug 19, 2011 – Matt Aslett, Senior Analyst of The 451 Group, spoke with one of Clustrix’s customers, Photobox, to discuss their deployment of the NewSQL Database. Having grown its use of MySQL to manage with the increased adoption of its photo-printing services, Photobox realized that it was about to hit a wall and turned to Clustrix. Photobox first showed interest in Clustrix because of its ability to offer, “both scalability and durability as well as be compatible with MySQL applications.” In mid-December of 2009 the Clustrix database appliance was installed, giving Photobox additional capacity for the peak demand season.  As a result, they found that Clustrix had “proved its claim that the appliance could be deployed to run existing MySQL applications unchanged, and in conjunction with an existing MySQL deployment to ease migration.”

Photobox created a 10-point checklist that Clustrix would have to pass in order to fully migrate to the new database. They passed all of the tests with flying colors. Photobox fully deployed Clustrix in the Spring of 2010, “beginning the process of migrating its MySQL deployments to Clustrix by taking advantage of its ability to replicate to and from MySQL by adopting it first as a slave to the MySQL master, and then eventually promoting Clustrix instances to perform as both master and slave.” By adding Clustrix to their existing system, Photobox “is now in a position to continue its growth without having to worry each year about its ability to meet.”