PeekAnalytics Scales its Social Media Analytics Platform with ClustrixDB

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Mar 25, 2014 – Clustrix, provider of the leading scale-out SQL database engineered for the cloud, today announced at the ad:tech conference that PeekAnalytics, an enterprise-class social audience measurement platform, chose ClustrixDB to scale its massive data collection and provide real-time analytics to its customers. PeekAnalytics platform delivers enterprise-class Twitter analytics that helps marketers understand social consumers. By identifying where Twitter users exist elsewhere on the Web, PeekAnalytics offers an unparalleled level of demographic and psychographic insights from consumer data aggregated not just from Twitter, but from more than sixty social sites and every major blog platform. “We turned to ClustrixDB because it allowed us to scale beyond one server without having to rewrite code or adjust the schema,” said Pavel Baranov, CTO of PeekAnalytics. “Before ClustrixDB, we tested multiple storage engines including a MySQL cluster, Cassandra and others, but none of them worked for our specific performance and scaling needs. With ClustrixDB in place, we no longer run into scaling issues and now have the ability to handle high growth in traffic without experiencing latency across our clusters.” PeekAnalytics can analyze a company’s Twitter network and provide additional insights about followers–or even people tweeting specific types of content—beyond what itself can provide. PeekAnalytics can correlate the age, gender, income level, hobbies/interests, job title, employment, residence, school, daily online usage, network of friends and followers and much more, to specific Twitter events and trends. “Our customers are looking to ClustrixDB for split-second analysis of their data, which could be anything from social media channels to customer insights,” said Robin Purohit, CEO of Clustrix. “We are in a new era of real-time analytics, which enables organizations to deliver better customer service, monetize rapidly changing customer behavior and respond to competitive threats without having to wait overnight for answers.” This optimal real-time analytics approach will be demonstrated at the 2014 ad:tech conference in San Francisco, CA at Clustrix booth #2432. The company will also give a presentation at 11:45AM on March 26th — “Real-Time Analytics with NewSQL: Why Hadoop is not Enough.”