Nomorerack Achieves Zero Downtime on Cyber Monday With ClustrixDB

ClustrixDB Provides Online Retailer Flexible Expansion and 24×7 Availability With Its Cloud Database

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Dec 10, 2013 – Clustrix, the leading scale-out SQL database engineered for the cloud, today announced that nomorerack, the online shopping destination that provides in-demand goods at deep discounts, chose ClustrixDB to prepare for the holiday shopping season when the website receives 15 to 20 times higher traffic volume. For nomorerack, the potential cost of downtime on Cyber Monday was estimated at more than $500,000 per hour, requiring a business critical cloud database that can flexibly expand online with peak demand. As a result of implementing ClustrixDB, the company experienced a 300 percent increase in peak workload on its database with zero downtime.

E-commerce companies require the highest in availability as every second of downtime is lost business. Additionally, these companies typically grow fast and can quickly reach transaction rates beyond the capabilities of a single server database. ClustrixDB ensures nomorerack and other leading global e-commerce customers, including companies Rakuten, Photobox, iOffer, and MakeMyTrip, can handle transactions reaching billions a day and perform real-time analytics on up-to-date data to understand customer behavior without the cost and complexity of a separate data warehouse.

The nomorerack application launched on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using RDS MySQL, but they quickly realized it had limited scalability as their site experienced 1,023 percent growth year over year in 2012. The company experienced several instances of downtime that lasted several hours and cost the company around $20,000 to $60,000 per hour. In addition, nomorerack experienced slow disk performance and a lack of visibility into performance issues. The company chose to migrate their database to ClustrixDB early in 2013, and the site’s growth quickly doubled the query rate to more than 20,000 TPS. Two weeks before CyberMonday, nomorerack decided to flex-up ClustrixDB database capacity by 230 percent during the holiday season to prepare for expected increase in demand.

“ClustrixDB powers leading e-commerce sites around the world, allowing them to run at high performance, even in large traffic spike situations during the holiday shopping season or successful online promotions,” said Robin Purohit, CEO of Clustrix. “Customers like nomorerack get flexible cloud economics combined with our 24×7 expert support that enables them to avoid downtime while delivering hyper-growth of revenue.”

In noremorerack’s search for better availability and scale, it found that ClustrixDB made it easier to pinpoint the causes of performance issues, expand database capacity online, and Clustrix support engineers advised its application team to optimize queries causing excessive workloads. Moreover, ClustrixDB was hosted for nomorerack at Equinix as a dedicated private cloud and connected into nomorerack’s application on AWS through DirectConnect. Clustrix provided this turnkey solution with minimal engineering effort by nomorerack engineers resulting in improved performance and availability at the same cost as AWS RDS.

“ClustrixDB requires no server management, which is the same as RDS, but we get much better enterprise-level support that is better and faster than RDS,” said Keith Bussey, VP of technology at “Using Clustrix DB, we achieved 60,000 TPS of peak load and a 600 percent increase in revenue on Cyber Monday compared to a typical day.”


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