Engage:BDR Adopts Clustrix to Power Real-Time Analytics for One Billion Ad Impressions Per Day


Scale-out SQL Database Replaces MySQL and Beats Oracle With Super-Fast Query Performance

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Sep 23, 2013 – Clustrix, the leading scale-out SQL database engineered for the cloud, today announced that Engage:BDR, the leading integrated-media advertising company, has selected Clustrix to power its ad exchange network application. Engage:BDR, founded in 2007, offer advertisers cutting-edge marketing solutions, advanced technology and custom programming by integrating display, video, and  branded entertainment into a single network, which processes more than a billion ad impressions daily.

Clustrix enables Engage:BDR customers to gain access to real-time analytics of their data in a matter of seconds as opposed to hours.  This dramatic improvement in the Engage:BDR customer experience was realized without having to rely on expensive alternative technologies and hired consultants to build reports. When Engage:BDR replaced their MySQL master/slave architecture with Clustrix, the improved query performance of Clustrix enabled Engage:BDR customers to produce analytic reports in less than 15 seconds instead of hours on live operational data.

“With the previous system, our company received complaints from clients and internal teams about slow queries on performance metrics,” said Kenneth Kwan, chief technology officer, Engage:BDR.  “Performance and technical workarounds to deal with scale created issues that resulted in frustration from clients and internal users that became a problem for our business.  With Clustrix, we achieved the scalability to deliver one billion ad impressions per day, each ad served involving Clustrix as the backend.”

Prior to choosing Clustrix, Engage:BDR also evaluated NoSQL solutions from other vendors as well as SQL solutions from Oracle.  They found that the NoSQL solutions didn’t have the needed sophistication in real-time analytics and the Oracle options lacked scale-out capabilities.

“Online advertising is a great example of Clustrix enabling real-time analytics to solve business problems in an industry undergoing rapid change,” said Robin Purohit, CEO for Clustrix. “Our clients in the advertising space tell us that the market is moving toward ad exchanges and real-time bidding. We are excited to help Engage:BDR improve the way their clients monetize advertising dollars in real-time with ad-hoc analysis. We are here to help businesses make more money from their data by enabling real-time analysis and improved targeting, even to the level of enabling advertisers to buy one hyper-targeted impression at a time.”