Clustrix Takes Aim at the Enterprise with NewSQL Database Appliance

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Jul 20, 2011 – Clustrix, the leading NewSQL Database, connected with Matt Aslett, Senior Analyst of The 451 Group, to discuss its changing focus from web application providers, to enterprise deployments.

In the article, Aslett takes time to discuss Clustrix’s role in the NewSQL movement. “There has been a rash of new relational database products launched in recent months that are designed to meet the scalability requirements of distributed architectures or improve performance such that horizontal scalability is no longer a necessity. We have even given these databases a name – NewSQL – to distinguish them from the NoSQL group of new non-relational database wares.”

He then touches on one of the key advantages to using Clustrix, “Clustrix is designed to avoid manual sharding, so we would expect it to be considered against transparent sharding providers …”

Lastly, Aslett continues to say, “The issue of database performance and scalability is an ongoing concern. While the NoSQL databases have attracted a lot of attention, they are not suitable for workloads that require a structured, relational database and we expect interest in NewSQL technologies to grow in 2011 and beyond,” he also says, “We expect Clustrix to garner the attention of any enterprises struggling to manage with sharding MySQL.”