Clustrix Reveals Customers and Strong Worldwide Momentum

The Clustrix Solution in Use By Well-Known Customers in U.S. and Europe

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Jan 17, 2011 – Clustrix, the provider of industry’s first Clustered Database Systems (CDS), for Internet-scale applications, announced today four of its U.S. and European customers. AOL, Photobox,, and iOffer are using the Clustrix solution to provide unmatched scalability, fault-tolerance, as well as to reduce management complexity and cost in their live production environments. This announcement follows the recent Series B funding round that Clustrix closed in December 2010, adding $12 million for a total of $30 million.

AOL Inc. is a leading global Web services company with an extensive suite of brands and offerings and a substantial worldwide audience. “Initially, AOL purchased the Clustrix solution in March of 2010, because of its unique combination of scalability, fault-tolerance and MySQL compatibility,” said Will Stevens, director of storage for AOL. “After our subsequent purchase last September, we were further pleased by the ease with which the system expands on-line and in a non-disruptive fashion.”

Photobox is Europe’s largest online personal publishing and printing service. “We extensively tested Clustrix’s solution for performance, availability and overall MySQL compatibility prior to purchasing and deploying in our production infrastructure,” said Graham Hobson, CTO of Photobox. “We are impressed with the level of scalability and flexibility that they brought to our environment, allowing us to serve our customers in all countries through our peak business season. Their distributed, shared-nothing architecture with automated failover and recovery together with self-healing features were also strong selling points for us, and is a big part of the reason why we have already become a repeat customer.” provides cloud content management for more than four million users and companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. “Clustrix delivers on the promise of a fault-tolerant, easy-to-manage database system, and its compatibility with our existing infrastructure makes implementation a cinch,” commented Sam Ghods, vice president of technology for “As a quickly growing startup providing cloud content management to millions of customers and tens of thousands of businesses, we need to be able to be able to scale quickly and easily. The beauty of the Clustrix system is that it can grow when needed, just by adding nodes.”

iOffer is a leading worldwide alternative online marketplace. Since 2001, iOffer has been changing the way online transactions are conducted, providing a safe and friendly community for its members to buy, sell, and trade through open negotiations. “Part of the reason we purchased the Clustrix solution was due to the fact that Clustrix is MySQL-compatible, and did not require changes to existing architecture, database schemas or applications,” said Robert Zotter, lead engineer for iOffer. “As our transactional workload continues to grow, we will continue to reap even greater benefits of Clustrix’s scalable, fault-tolerant, fully relational, and distributed database architecture.”

About The Clustrix Series 4000 Product Family

Clustrix Series 4000, appliances bring to database administrators the best of both worlds: the high-performance, high-scalability of NoSQL key value stores and the relational, ACID-compliant and robust functionality of SQL while providing drop-in interoperability with the MySQL protocol. The cost savings of utilizing the Clustrix solution are also significant, particularly when compared to the time and expense of application sharding (partitioning).