Clustrix to Showcase Scale-out SQL Database at AWS re:Invent

Silver Sponsor Showcases Scale-out SQL, Raffles Fitbit Flex 2s

San Francisco, Calif. – Nov 21, 2016 – Clustrix, which offers a scale-out SQL database designed for the elastic scaling requirements of high-transaction, high-value workloads of today’s web applications, announced it will be a Silver Sponsor of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent 2016 conference, taking place in Las Vegas, November 28 to December 2. Drop by booth 2040 for a look at how its high-transaction, high-concurrency scale-out database achieves 10 times the performance of other MySQL-compatible DBMS’s.

Win a FitBit Flex 2 and keep your website fit and flexible too

Clustrix will raffle Fitbit Flex 2s to remind attendees that the database engine powering their web applications has to be fit and flexible in order to meet the intense, unpredictable demands of today’s economy. “Our ‘Flex’ feature provides the ability to flex up to peak traffic and flex down when traffic returns to normal. In the cloud age, there’s no reason for companies to continue to pay for more database capacity than they actually use, said Mike Azevedo, CEO, Clustrix.

The database for the most active workloads

ClustrixDB scales reads, writes, updates and analytics near linearly as you add nodes–even under massive transaction volumes and highly concurrent workloads–allowing online businesses to grow seamlessly. Its newest version combines in-memory processing, containerization and encryption to bring performance, ease-of-use and security to the highest levels. A recent benchmark by ESG as well as a five-star review by Infoworld demonstrated ClustrixDB’s immense performance benefits, which can scale 10 times over other MySQL-compatible options, while remaining fully ACID compliant and maintaining latency under the crucial 20-millisecond threshold.

Scaling the easy way

In a recent ESG study half of those surveyed cited “increases in transactional workloads” as a database challenge leading to performance concerns. According to Azevedo, “Too many companies use ‘bolt-on solutions’ that were architected to run on a single server. Sometimes these work fine for years if companies never encounter tens of millions concurrent write transactions; but if they ever need to handle that level of activity, they have to throw heaps of money and resources into re-engineering the database in order to scale while preserving a good end user experience.”

Common approaches for having a scale out SQL database, like sharding or replication require downtime, are difficult to set up and add complexity and fragility to applications. ClustrixDB, on the other hand, is designed to scale simply—by adding or removing nodes—freeing companies from database worries so that they can focus on customers, products and innovation.