Clustrix Selected as Magento Technology Partner


Clustrix provides a replacement for MySQL that delivers high performance and reliability for e-commerce sites that can’t afford to slow down or crash

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Apr 15, 2015 – Clustrix, provider of the first distributed relational database (RDBMS) optimized to meet the needs of fast growing e-commerce sites, today announced it has been approved for the Magento Technology Partnership program. ClustrixDB is the first enterprise database Magento has recognized as a MySQL alternative for Magento customers. ClustrixDB delivers higher performance and high reliability to e-commerce sites from day one. Magento sites currently running MySQL can be easily migrated without changing the Magento application or rewriting queries.

“Transactions are the lifeblood of e-commerce businesses,” said Mike Azevedo, CEO of Clustrix. “The database underlying the Magento e-commerce site is the engine for those transactions. ClustrixDB ensures ecommerce sites can scale and that revenue and customers are not lost due to slowdowns or downtime.”

ClustrixDB allows e-commerce merchants to support many hundreds of thousands of customers per hour over MySQL-based implementations. In addition, unlike any other database, ecommerce vendors have the option to flex up and down the database capacity with seasonal demand without paying for peak infrastructure costs when they are not needed.

Magento, an eBay Enterprise company, powers more than 240,000 merchants worldwide and is the leading e-commerce platform for fast growing retailers in the 2014 Internet Retailer 500. Magento also powers 26 percent of all e-commerce sites in the Alexa one million sites list, more than any other e-commerce platform.

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