Clustrix Releases Scale-Out SQL Database to Run Transactions and Real-Time Analytics on Amazon Web Services and Sold Through the AWS Marketplace

Clustrix on AWS easily scales to tens of terabytes of data, millions of users or devices, with both high-scale transaction and real-time analytics running at the same time

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Apr 24, 2013 – Clustrix, the leading scale-out SQL database engineered for the cloud, today announced Clustrix 5.0 on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Clustrix 5.0 demonstrates real-time analytics performance on a proven OLTP system. With the addition of AWS, Clustrix is available today on AWS Marketplace, on-demand, and through its popular appliance. Clustrix provided a limited early release of Clustrix built on AWS this winter. “After creating the world’s leading scale-out SQL database for transactional workloads, we are now bringing real-time analytics to operational data,” said Robin Purohit, CEO of Clustrix. “Now our customers can easily scale-out a database that can support high-scale transaction volumes and use true, real-time analytics for unmatched operational intelligence to drive real-time business decisions.”

Clustrix Version 5.0 – Scale-out Transactions and Scale-out Analytics

Clustrix 5.0 is for data-driven businesses that require blazingly fast real-time analytics on operational data. Clustrix 5.0 is a row-based SQL database designed to bring Massively Parallel Processing to analytic queries on operational data. The same near-linear scalability Clustrix has previously brought to OLTP workloads is now achievable for analytics. Simply add nodes to scale the system and cut the time to process analytic queries. This scale-out analytics is achieved with innovative distributed aggregates and OLAP fan-out technologies, where multiple cores across multiple nodes work in parallel on analytic queries.  Analytic query performance can improve by 25x, and up to 1000x in some cases.


Legacy SQL databases were architected more than 25 years ago in a very different data world. These older “scale-up” architectures are overwhelmed by the large and growing data sets of today’s webscale applications in mobile, social media, ecommerce and vertical markets such as healthcare, education, and gaming. What’s more, the legacy “scale-up” architecture is not well suited to the cloud, which is built upon a “scale-out” foundation. In the same way that scale-out storage and off-line analytics are now the de facto standard for public and private clouds, the next generation of webscale and internet-of-things applications demand a scale-out SQL database that is engineered for the cloud.

“The legacy SQL databases can no longer meet the demands of our applications,” said Kenneth Kwan, CTO for EngageBDR. “We looked long and hard for a database that is built from the beginning to excel on the cloud and can scale both transactions and real-time analytics for our business. With Clustrix, analytic queries that used to take over four hours now complete in 15 seconds, which is clearly a game changer for our online advertising business.”

Clustrix overcomes the limitations of legacy database architectures that create pricing and TCO challenges as applications scale. In this way, Clustrix enables application developers to innovate using the power of SQL and take advantage of the new cloud economics, both in development and production. Clustrix on AWS easily scales to tens of terabytes of data, millions of users or devices, with both high-scale transaction and real-time analytics running at the same time.

Pricing and Support

Customers can start using Clustrix on AWS for as low as $0.12 an hour per node with a 50% introductory promotion through July 24, 2013 in the AWS Marketplace. A single server version is available for free for development and test (only pay AWS instance cost). Clustrix on AWS is available in all AWS regions. Community support is free to all customers, and premium support and consulting are available directly from Clustrix.


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