Clustrix Raises $12 Million Series B Funding

Clustrix Raises $12 Million for Clustrix Series 4000 Product in Series B Funding

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Dec 15, 2010 – Clustrix, the provider of the industry’s first Clustered Database Systems (CDS), for Internet-scale applications, announced today that it has raised $12 million in a Series B round for their Clustrix Series 4000 product, bringing their total funding to $30 million. Investors U.S. Venture Partners (USVP), Sequoia Capital and ATA Ventures, participated pro-rata in this round. Funds from this new investment will be used to expand sales, marketing and product development.

“We have been impressed with the strong momentum that the company has built not only during its product development, but especially since its official launch in May of this year,” said Greg McAdoo of Sequoia Capital. “As an early Isilon investor, we have known Paul Mikesell since his days as one of the two founders of Isilon, where he was responsible for developing the company’s technology and products. Isilon’s technology is still more scalable than any other storage vendor today, and their current $2.25 billion valuation is no surprise to us. With Clustrix, Paul and his team have brought unmatched scalability, fault-tolerance and seamless deployment to the database world.”

“We have been very pleased with the terrific progress that Clustrix made on both the customer and technology fronts,” said Chris Rust of USVP. “After four years developing its core technology and seven months since the official launch, we are particularly excited about its next growth phase as it looks to establish a dominant position in this large and rapidly growing market.”

“Clustrix has developed a leading-edge technology for Web-scale environments. The company is growing rapidly, gaining share and expanding upon their unique architecture,” said Mike Hodges of ATA Ventures. “With a strong technology-based advantage, seasoned team and large market opportunity, we are happy to be investors in the company.”

“It took us four years to develop a powerful Clustered Database System that incrementally scales to hundreds of nodes as a single-instance database, has fully relational functionality, immediate data consistency, fault tolerance, and deploys seamlessly,” said Paul Mikesell, founder and CEO of Clustrix. “Investors listened to our users’ feedback and saw the tremendous value that we bring to their environments. We were flattered to also receive terrific term sheets from outside investors, but our current investors are a great fit for us and I am glad to see their continued, enthusiastic commitment to Clustrix.”

About The Clustrix Series 4000 Product Family

Clustrix Series 4000 appliances bring to database administrators the best of both worlds: the high-performance, high-scalability of NoSQL key value stores and the relational, ACID-compliant and robust functionality of SQL while providing drop-in interoperability with the MySQL protocol. The cost savings of utilizing the Clustrix solution are also significant, particularly when compared to the time and expense of application sharding (partitioning).

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U.S. Venture Partners (USVP) is a leading Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm, helping entrepreneurs build world-class companies since 1981. USVP focuses on early-stage opportunities in sectors where the Partners have the domain expertise, operating experience and network of relationships to contribute to the success of an enterprise. Currently, the firm invests in digital communications, network systems, consumer and business services, media, semiconductors, clean technologies, biopharmaceuticals and medical devices.

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