Clustrix Helps Massive Media Build Social Networking Site and Grow It to More Than Four Million Users Without Database Sharding

Massive Media Chooses Relational Database System Clustrix to Build and Grow Twoo

Clustrix NewSQL Development Kit Available as a Free Trial

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Feb 7, 2012 – Clustrix announced today that Massive Media used the Clustrix distributed relational database system to build and grow Twoo, a social networking site, to more than four million users in only six months without sharding the application and without any downtime. Clustrix also announced the availability of the Clustrix Development Kit  as a free download of a software-only environment that simulates the hardware components of the Clustrix  database appliance, allowing users to try the industry’s first distributed relational database system that scales to an unlimited number of users, transactions or data.

Clustrix reinvented the relational database from the ground up to support growing big-data applications that “break” MySQL and need to scale easily, with no limits and without giving up database availability and performance. With Clustrix, today’s web environments avoid the effort and expense of database sharding and benefit from a MySQL-compatible system that installs and expands in minutes, providing high scale-out transactional performance.

“Pre-Clustrix, we spent a lot of time on optimizing for performance and scale. Now we can spend those resources better,” said Lorenz Bogaert, co-founder and CEO of Massive Media. “It does not make sense to build a new site using the old system of sharding MySQL.”

“We are seeing increased interest in NewSQL database technologies that enable users to scale their databases without having to resort to complex manual sharding,” said Matt Aslett, research manager, data management and analytics at 451 Research. “Clustrix’s combination of an SSD-based appliance and MySQL compatibility is a compelling alternative for enterprises struggling to manage with sharding MySQL.”

“Massive Media is a great example of the radical simplicity and scalability of our NewSQL database solution that entirely eliminates the need for sharding,” said Robin Purohit, president and CEO of Clustrix.  “Now that our customers have proven how easy it is to scale their databases with Clustrix, we are ready to scale our business and will be highlighting the growing list of customer successes in the months ahead.”

Clustrix continues to expand both its customer base and executive team; the company recently announced the appointment of Robin Purohitas president and CEO and Mark Sarbiewski as chief marketing officer, both former HP executives.

Developers and database professionals who need a better and more cost-effective way to scale their databases can explore functionality, develop apps and ensure compatibility of the Clustrix solution with their existing big-data environments by downloading the Development Kit.