Clustrix Enhances Performance, Ease-of-Use and Security of MySQL-Replacement Database

ClustrixDB 8.0 Integrates In-Memory Processing, Containerization, AES 256-bit Encryption

San Francisco, Calif. – Sep 13, 2016 – Clustrix, provider of the first scale-out database designed for the elastic scaling requirements of high-transaction, high-value workloads of today’s Web applications, announced the availability of version 8.0 of its software. Designed to help customers meet the challenge of explosive growth in transactional workloads, the new version combines in-memory processing, containerization and encryption to improve performance, ease-of-use and security.

Rising mobile usage strains database infrastructure

More and more consumers are accessing websites and transacting while on-the-go, with mobile usage now overtaking the desktop 51 to 42 percent (1). Almost half of all consumers now expect a web page to load in two seconds or less, and 27 percent of cart abandonment occurs due to time constraints (2). These high expectations, coupled with high-transaction high-value workloads, are placing unprecedented demands on database infrastructures. In a recent survey, Analyst firm ESG noted database growth in excess of 40 percent per year, with nearly half of respondents citing increases in transactional workloads as a database challenge leading to performance concerns (3).

“Even the best technology companies aren’t immune to these challenges, as illustrated by high-profile snafus like the Pokemon Go launch and Amazon Prime Day,” said Mike Azevedo, CEO, Clustrix. “ClustrixDB 8.0 addresses the double whammy that companies face: increasing customer expectations for performance, and over-taxed infrastructure.”

In a recent report on In-Memory Computing (IMC) (4), Gartner recommends that companies “Carefully consider the advantages of having an embedded IMC capability in terms of savings for specific skills and associated costs, particularly in IMDG, event stream processing and IMDBMS deployments, and identify opportunities for incremental business improvements (for example, in performance or scalability).”

In-memory processing gives three-times performance boost

ClustrixDB now provides even faster performance, combining the speed of NoSQL with the relational benefits of SQL for:

  • Performance improvements of up to 300 percent for in-memory bulk data ingest, in-memory streaming
  • HTAP, and high-volume aggregate processing
  • The ability to store in-memory or on-disk without separate coding requirements
  • Automatic linear scalability to match growth by simply adding more servers
  • Full containerization for easy installation and deployment

It’s now even easier and faster to get up and running on ClustrixDB 8.0, which is:

  • Fully containerized, making it easy to install and orchestrate ongoing deployments, on any cloud or data center
  • Virtually plug-and-play, requiring minimal changes, if any, to your MySQL application
  • Intuitive, with an easy-to-use GUI for monitoring and managing cluster performance
  • Heightened security with AES 256-bit encryption

Your data is now more secure with the industry’s most powerful cluster-aware encryption of data-at-rest. Leveraging the same worldwide standard adopted by the U.S. government, ClustrixDB 8.0 offers:

  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption
  • High-performance, partition-level encryption
  • Performance optimized to meet big data scalability in distributed computing architectures

ClustrixDB 8.0 will be generally available on October 14, 2016.


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