Clustrix Delivers Scale-out SQL DBaaS for Big Data Applications with New Cloud Economics


Clustrix Version 4.0 addresses needs of real-time Big Data applications, improves management insight, introduces transparent DBaaS pricing without limitations

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Jul 17, 2012 – Clustrix, the scale-out SQL database for Big Data applications, today announced high-performance SQL database offerings that deliver new cloud economics while addressing the real-time needs of customers building applications at the intersection of Big Data, cloud and agile development.

Clustrix high-performance SQL DBaaS

Clustrix released a high-performance SQL database-as-a-service (DBaaS) that extends Clustrix’s scalability, performance and availability to the cloud. The Clustrix DBaaS introduces simple, transparent pricing with no meters or limits on transactions, data size or number of users.

Public cloud platforms provide compelling development environments, but as applications scale in production, they have been plagued by unpredictable costs and undesirable complexity. The Clustrix DBaaS addresses these issues by providing:

  • Lower and predictable pricing with no hidden surprises, with a 1TB fault-tolerant configuration priced 30% less than a similar Amazon relational database service (RDS) implementation
  • Real-time access for applications with high transaction throughput for both simple and complex queries
  • Real-time recovery from failures, providing fault tolerance and high availability with no operator intervention
  • Real-time application innovation with familiar SQL or key-value programming models and rapid insight into DB performance optimization

In addition to its pioneering pricing approach, the Clustrix high-performance SQL DBaaS breaks new ground in a number of other ways, including:

  • The first-ever scale-out SQL DBaaS using Flash Storage (SSD), providing terabytes of capacity with blazing-fast read and write performance
  • The only self-healing SQL DBaaS with a true distributed architecture avoiding the downtime, complexity and cost of master-slave approaches
  • The first to offer, included with the DBaaS price, database administration (DBA) on demand: an expert team of Clustrix support staff that works with customers to optimize database performance

”By offering our high-performance scale-out SQL database both as a service and as a private cloud appliance, Clustrix is bringing radical simplicity to the Big Data database market wherever customers want to run their applications,” said Robin Purohit, president and CEO of Clustrix. “We overcome limitations of legacy database architectures and new in-memory databases that create pricing and TCO surprises as applications scale. In this way, Clustrix enables application developers to innovate using the power of SQL and exploit the new cloud economics, both in development and production.”