Clustrix Awarded U.S. Patent for Improved Systems and Methods of Database Replay in a RDBMS

Invention Reduces Slave Database Replay Latency, While Maintaining Data Integrity

San Francisco, CA – Jul 12, 2016 – Clustrix, provider of the first scale-out database designed for the elastic scaling requirements of high-transaction, high-value workloads of today’s Web applications, announced that the company has been issued patent number 9348883. The patent, filed on June 1, 2011 and published online on May 24, 2016, addresses needs for:

  • Improved systems and methods of slave database replay in a relational database system
  • Reducing the latency of slave database replay, while maintaining the integrity of the data stored in the slave database

“As companies continue to deal with greater volumes of data at faster speeds, the need for RDBMS technologies that offer increased performance along with concurrency and parallelism over replication will only keep growing,” said Mike Azevedo, CEO, Clustrix. “Because web applications have become critical to running today’s businesses, companies outgrowing the capabilities of their current databases will need to look for alternative higher-performing solutions. This recent patent award affirms our dedication to delivering that performance and concurrency, along with the flexibility that comes will a true scale-out relational database that’s built for the cloud.”

The summary information for the patent describes several innovative aspects of the invention, and includes the following abstract:

Systems and methods for replication replay in a relational database are disclosed. In one embodiment, a relational database includes a master database and a slave database, and events performed on the master database are stored in a log. A portion of the log is provided to a slave replay system associated with the slave database, and the slave replay system identifies a first table row associated with a first event of the portion of the log and a second table row associated with a second event in the portion of the log. The slave replay system replays the first and second events on the slave database in parallel if the first and second rows are different rows with unique sets of values, and otherwise replays the first and second events serially.

The recent issuance is one of several patents awarded to the company, the inventions of which form components of Clustrix’s unique relational database technology, combining scale-out capabilities, ACID compliance, high availability, and the ability to be deployed in any cloud or data center.