Clustrix Assists Early-Stage Startups with Incentive Pricing and Support

ClustrixDB Velocity Program offers affordable access to the company’s sophisticated scale-out SQL database

San Francisco, CA – Mar 4, 2014 – Clustrix, provider of the leading scale-out SQL database engineered for the cloud, today announced the ClustrixDB Velocity program designed to help early-stage companies lower startup costs and bring their applications to market on an advanced scale-out SQL database that will scale from application conception to rapid growth.

As funds and operations are extremely limited in small businesses, many launch without the proper database infrastructure strategy in place. The goal of the ClustrixDB Velocity program is to make it much more affordable for startups to launch their businesses on a reliable database that does not inhibit growth or profitability.

“We anticipate increasing interest in startup pricing models in the database industry, especially as real-time analytics continue to provide companies with a competitive edge,” said Matt Aslett, research director, data management and analytics, 451 Research. “The ClustrixDB Velocity program will give potential users the ability to get insights from their most valuable data without the expensive upfront investment that an in-memory computing solution would cost.”

ClustrixDB is the industry’s first and only scale-out SQL database to deliver real-time analytics on live operational data. Industry leaders as well as innovators like TinySpark are rapidly adopting the distributed database for their business critical applications to perform complex analytics in seconds.

“With the new Velocity program, we can focus more time iterating on our core product and let ClustrixDB handle the scaling and replication of our database needs,” said Austin Heap, CTO of TinySpark. “One of the last things our team wants to spend our engineering resources on is database administration. With ClustrixDB, we can focus on what creates value for our business while managing our database and infrastructure costs.”

“Startups like TinySpark need a cost-effective database because of the increasing complexity of the data management landscape,” said Robin Purohit, CEO at Clustrix. “With the introduction of the ClustrixDB Velocity program, startups can use a proven scale-out SQL database and gain real-time analytics early on in the technology decision process. We are ready and willing to give startups worldwide this incentive to quickly ramp their businesses.”

The ClustrixDB Velocity program is open to early stage startups who have not received institutional funding. Discounts on licensing and support are offered for one year or ninety days after general availability of a company’s product or service.

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About Clustrix

Clustrix provides the leading scale-out SQL database engineered for the cloud. With ClustrixDB you can build innovative business critical applications that deliver real-time analytics on live operational data with massive transactional volume. Our exceptional customer service team supports more than one trillion transactions per month across a range of industry segments including Ad Tech, e-commerce, and social analytics. Clustrix customers include AOL, engage:BDR, MedExpert, nomorerack, Photobox, Rakuten, Symantec, and Headquartered in San Francisco, Clustrix is funded by HighBAR Partners, Sequoia Capital, U.S. Venture Partners, Don Listwin, and ATA Ventures. ClustrixDB is available as a free community edition for developers, a software download that runs on any cloud, and on the AWS marketplace. Visit to learn more.