Clustrix Announces Industry’s First Scale-Out Database for Real-Time Analytics on Live Operational Data

Customers today rely on ClustrixDB to deliver over 1 trillion monthly transactions in business-critical deployments

SAN FRANCISCO – Oct 31, 2013 – Clustrix, the leading scale-out SQL database engineered for the cloud, today announced the general availability of ClustrixDB as a software download, the industry’s first and only scale-out database for real-time analytics on live operational data. For the first time, companies can perform complex real-time analytics in seconds at the same time as massive transaction volume on the same database without the costs of a separate analytic database

Companies are striving for split-second analysis of valuable customer data across on-line transactions, social media channels, and meta-data for unstructured company content and customer profiles. This new era of real-time analytics enables organizations to deliver better customer service, monetize rapidly changing customer behavior, and respond to competitive threats without having to wait overnight for answers. ClustrixDB provide a single operational database that supports billions of system-of-record transactions with unpredictable traffic spikes, complex application logic, on-line reporting and ad hoc queries. Clustrix delivers this breakthrough capability with pay-as-you-grow subscription pricing in stark contrast to millions of dollars in scale-up hardware and licensing required for legacy databases.  With self-managing automation, Clustrix customers typically do not use an operational DBA providing customer a radically simpler alternative to Hadoop.

“Transactions must be able to drive decisions in real time,” said George Gilbert, analyst, GigaOM Pro. “Although in-memory databases typically have the fastest performance but often trade off capacity of a large data set and analytic sophistication. DBMS that aren’t constrained just to memory can achieve the analytic sophistication and performance that still support transaction processing, although less than a data warehouse.”

ClustrixDB is the most widely deployed scale-out SQL database in production applications.  Customers rely on ClustrixDB to deliver over 1 trillion transactions per month in business-critical deployments. ClustrixDB powers dozens of large-scale production customers around the world, including AOL, Rakuten Global Markets, and Symantec.

Key features of ClustrixDB include:

  • Massively parallel processing (MPP) across it’s distributed cluster to parallelize and distribute SQL queries, and use all available resources of the cluster to accelerate the queries;
  • Multi-version concurrency control (MVCC) to ensure reads and writes do not interfere with each other, allowing analytics to run in parallel with writes and updates without affecting performance;
  • Distributed aggregates, which allow distributed partial computation of aggregates, making analytics scale better. For example, if you were aggregating expenses by department, each node will aggregate the local data and only the final results will be aggregating by the query node.
  • SQL query fan-out, which allows ClustrixDB to use multiple nodes and multiple cores per node to accelerate one analytic query or report. As you add more nodes, the analytics and reports get faster.
  • In-memory analytics using a combination of Flash and RAM to provide scale at breakthrough costs.

“Every company in the world wants real-time insights into up to date customer data,” said Robin Purohit, CEO, Clustrix. “We believe distributed databases that combine cloud economics and a smart approach to in-memory operation are the answer. ClustrixDB has been battle-tested in production and we are excited to now provide our software in a subscription licensing model at a fraction of the cost of Oracle.”

“Clustrix DBaaS requires no server management that is the same as
RDS, but we get much better Enterprise level support that is better and faster than RDS,” said Keith Bussey, vice president of technology, NoMoreRack.” “The support is 24/7 and we get a reply immediately anytime, night or day. Support is helping by identifying queries that can be improved for performance and we’re mostly bound by manpower on NoMoreRack side to implement them.”

Availability and Pricing

ClustrixDB is available as a free community edition and also as a commercial edition for developers, a software download that runs on any cloud, and on the AWS marketplace. Pricing for the commercial edition starts at $1200 per core, per year. For more information on pricing, please visit


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About Clustrix

ClustrixDB is a real-time scale-out SQL database engineered for the cloud.  With ClustrixDB you can build innovative applications that deliver real-time analytics on live operational data at the same time as massive transactional volume. Our customer service is backed by amazing engineers that support over 1 trillion transactions per month in production in e-commerce, real-time bidding, and social & mobile applications. ClustrixDB is available as a free community edition for developers, a software download that runs on any cloud, and on the AWS marketplace.