Choxi Gives an Unfiltered Look at its Journey to AWS

Clustrix Webinar: E-commerce Giant Choxi Moves Its High-Value, High-Transaction Site to the Cloud

San Francisco, Calif – Apr 5, 2016 – If you’re considering moving your e-commerce site to AWS, why not learn from those who have done it, and done it right? Clustrix is hosting a webinar that chronicles the journey of Choxi to AWS. Keith Bussey, VP of Technology at Choxi, and Nick Lamb, Director of Consulting Services at Clustrix, will discuss how they moved from the datacenter to AWS and realized the promise of the cloud: the ability to instantly scale capacity and costs to meet seasonal business cycles. The live webinar starts at 10:00am PDT on Thursday, April 14th.’s business model cuts out the middleman to deliver great products at 50%-80% off retail. This 2-phase move to AWS involved migrating the application/web servers from a datacenter to AWS, and then deploying ClustrixDB. Completed in record time, the move allowed Choxi to avoid downtime in its 24/7 service during the holiday season. Keith and Nick will discuss the secrets to this successful journey, including how they:

  • Planned and executed the move from a datacenter to AWS
  • Used pre-built AMIs to get up and running quickly
  • Leveraged the ClustrixDB dashboard to quickly flex database capacity up and down to match needs

Passing the ultimate cloud database “Flex Test”: Black Friday

Before the move, adding database capacity routinely took weeks and required capital budgeting. Running ClustrixDB in AWS, Choxi has a system that not only engages shoppers, but quickly scales to meet the outrageous demands of holiday seasons and flash sales. They put this new flexibility to the test when they upped their Black Friday forecast and added ClustrixDB nodes on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Choxi was able to serve every page and process every transaction on the busiest shopping day of the year–which saw daily traffic hit 20x the normal level. And, when the holiday was over, they flexed back down to normal capacity to align costs with revenue.

“With Amazon’s recently announced Database Migration Service, more companies than ever are smartly considering moving to the cloud,” said Mike Azevedo, President and CEO, Clustrix. “Choxi and Clustrix have shown that, with the right approach, companies that rely on their sites for high-value, high-transaction applications–such as Adtech, e-commerce and gaming–can enjoy the full benefits of elasticity and cost savings that the cloud promises.”