Business Owners Stand to Lose $12,500 per Hour of Downtime

ClustrixDB Eliminates Downtime With Scale-Out SQL Database Built With Redundancy and Automated Fault Recovery

San Francisco, CA – Jul 22, 2014 – Clustrix, provider of the leading scale-out SQL database engineered for the cloud, helps business owners understand the importance of avoiding downtime. According to MegaPath, the average small to medium sized business stands to lose $12,500 per hour of downtime.

With ClustrixDB, downtime is kept to a minimum with an extremely scalable and resilient database. Companies can process a large volume of transactions while concurrently running real-time operational reports. This way, companies are able to target specific customers with customized campaigns, without taking the database offline.

“The demand for a highly available, scale-out transactional database is greater than ever, especially in the e-commerce market where downtime is unacceptable for more than a few seconds,” said Tony Barbagallo, CMO of Clustrix. “E-commerce merchants need to be able to flexibly scale their sites to handle peak loads and run real-time analytics on live data to maximize revenue. ClustrixDB is the perfect solution for business owners who understand the importance of avoiding downtime at all costs.”

ClustrixDB is built with fast parallel backup for disaster recovery, and customers rely on it to provide a consistent snapshot of the database. For instance, nomorerack is an online shopping destination that provides in-demand goods at deep discounts. The company experienced massive transaction volume during the holiday season, making availability extremely important. Before ClustrixDB, the company used a Relational Database Service (RDS), but was struggling with availability and downtime. This cost the company upwards of $60,000/hour. After implementing ClustrixDB, the company found they were able to avoid downtime while still gaining high performance.