451 Research Report Extols Clustrix’ Performance Boost from In-memory Processing

Performance, Deployment, Security Upgrades Meet Growing Demand for Simpler DBMS Approach

San Francisco, Calif. – Dec 22, 2016 – Clustrix (www.clustrix.com), provider of the first scale-out database designed for the elastic scaling requirements of high-transaction, high-value workloads of today’s web applications, was featured in a report by 451 Research about their addition of in-memory processing for 300% performance boost. In the report Jason Stamper, Analyst, Data Management and Analytics for 451 Research, highlighted ClustrixDB 8.0’s tripling of performance for in-memory bulk data ingest, streaming application in-memory processing, and high-volume aggregate processing, referring to these capabilities as “no mean feat for a database that could already automatically scale out across nodes in a cluster.”

The report provides validation that the improvements in ClustrixDB 8.0 meet growing industry demand for a database that excels along multiple dimensions. “Increasingly customers with web applications need not just massive scalability, but faster throughput too,” said Mike Azevedo, CEO Clustrix. “That was our guiding principle in 8.0, and we’re gratified that 451 Research has confirmed the value in our approach.”

In the report, Stamper also highlighted:

  • The ability to store data in memory or on disk without separate coding needs
  • Ability to easily deploy in any cloud and scale across additional nodes (one node added with one click), which he suggests is why “ClustrixDB is proving to be popular with companies deploying web applications, where scalability requirements can change quickly and latency issues can cause customers to abandon their shopping carts and go elsewhere”
  • Full containerization for easier installation and deployment
  • Ability to encrypt data at rest with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption (a worldwide standard adopted by the US government)