Clustrix Announces Webinar on Scaling Big-Data Applications with NewSQL Database Solutions


Massive Media, 451 Research, and Clustrix to Cover Database Scaling Challenges and Real-World Deployments

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Feb 8, 2012 – Clustrix announced today that its first webinar on scaling big database applications with its NewSQL database solution will take place on February 15, 2012, at 10 a.m. Pacific Time. Those interested in the webinar can register at

The webinar will include a customer guest, Massive Media, that has deployed the Clustrix distributed relational database system to build and grow Twoo, a  social networking site, to more than four million users in only six months without sharding  the application and without any downtime. Other webinar participants include Matt Aslett, research manager, data management and analytics at 451 Research; Robin Purohit, Clustrix president and CEO; and Aaron Passey, Clustrix CTO.

Clustrix just announced the availability of the Clustrix Development Kit as a free download of a software-only environment that simulates the hardware components of the Clustrix database appliance, allowing users to try the industry’s first distributed relational database system that scales to an unlimited number of users, transactions or data.

Clustrix reinvented the relational database from the ground up to support growing big-data applications that “break” MySQL and need to scale easily, with no limits and without giving up database availability and performance.