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Clustrix Emerges From Stealth Mode With Industry’s First Clustered Database System for Internet-Scale Applications

  Clustrix Clustered Database System Combines the High Scalability of NoSQL Key-Value Stores with the Functionality and Seamless Deployment of SQL SAN FRANCISCO, CA – May 4, 2010 – Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco 2010. Clustrix, the provider of industry’s first Clustered Database Systems (CDS) for Internet-scale applications, today emerged […]

Not All Clusters Are the Same

There are a wide variety of techniques out there for clustering storage appliances. The question is: what problem are you really trying to solve? If you look at Isilon’s clustered storage appliances (where I was chief architect), you’ll see that the clustering is done at the block level. The block […]

The Tyranny of the OR vs. the Genius of the AND

Jim Collins and Jerry Porras first coined this phrase in Built to Last. In their book, they describe how choosing between seemingly contradictory concepts—focusing on this or that—leads to missed opportunities. Is the product low cost or high quality? Do I focus on short-term opportunities or long-term strategy? Should the […]

How Clustrix was Born

Back in 2005 I was at Isilon. We had developed the first (and still the best) truly distributed scale-out NAS solution. We were on the road to an IPO and our customers were excited about our products and what we had done with them. I was on the phone with […]