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Business Owners Stand to Lose $12,500 per Hour of Downtime

ClustrixDB Eliminates Downtime With Scale-Out SQL Database Built With Redundancy and Automated Fault Recovery San Francisco, CA – Jul 22, 2014 – Clustrix, provider of the leading scale-out SQL database engineered for the cloud, helps business owners understand the importance of avoiding downtime. According to MegaPath, the average small to […]

The Importance of Concurrent Analytics

Thanks to the evolution of technology, businesses are able to collect and analyze customer-specific data and use the results to make informed changes to their operations, providing their customers with stronger service and, subsequently, bolstering their bottom lines. Doing so with a database that remains available and online is what […]

What to Do If Your SQL Database Fails to Scale Effectively

Whether you ask database administrators (DBAs) or application developers, they’ll tell you the same thing: Traditional SQL database scaling is an issue. Some might assert that’s because those databases were not designed to scale at any level, and certainly not to scale in the cloud. Others might say that those […]

The High Price of Downtime

Believe it or not, whenever Amazon experiences a single minute of downtime, it stands to lose more than $66,000. Although your company is most likely not the juggernaut Amazon is, you can’t afford downtime either. The average small to medium-sized business stands to lose $12,500 per hour of downtime. With […]

Three Tips to Bolster Customer Experience

Customer Experience But where there’s money to be made, retailers will find a way to make it. This suggests that we’ll witness the emergence of ever more e-commerce platforms in the coming months and years. Facing the prospect of increased competition—on top of the widespread competition that currently exists—e-commerce retailers need […]