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ClustrixDB as a NoSQL Database?

We are really clear that ClustrixDB is a fully relational, fully SQL, fully ACID compliant database. It’s not a key-value store (KVS), not a document store (JSON and only JSON), and not “eventually-consistent” like Cassandra, DynamoDB, Couchbase, or Riak. So we don’t call it a NoSQL database. Some people put […]

Clustrix Commits to Korea Market with Opening of Seoul Office

Clustrix Hires Eun-Chul Lee As Korea Country Manager and Jin Lim as VP of Technology October, 12, 2017. Clustrix announced its commitment to the Korea market with the opening of its Seoul office and the hiring of Eun-Chul Lee as Country Manager of Korea and Jin Lim as VP of […]

Clustrix and MEGAZONE Partner to Offer Scale-out Database in the Cloud

ClustrixDB to be part of MEGAZONE’s Enterprise Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Service in Korea and Asia Clustrix announced a consulting and reseller partnership with MEGAZONE to provide ClustrixDB, the leading scale-out and drop-in MySQL replacement database, as part of MEGAZONE’s Enterprise Cloud Service. MEGAZONE is the top ranking premier partner of […]

query evaluation model

The ClustrixDB Query Evaluation Model

Query Evaluation Model Recently we’ve started to dig into the internals of ClustrixDB, specifically How ClustrixDB Accomplishes Horizontal Scaling of Both Writes & Reads Without Sharding. Next, we dug into the details of the multi-patented ClustrixDB Rebalancer. This time we will discuss the ClustrixDB Query Evaluation Model. ClustrixDB is a […]